What are the origins of the Atova name? Does the name have a particular meaning?

The Atova name is derived from a triumvirate of Latin words for honesty, knowledge and strength. These words represent our character, our expertise and our substance.

Atova is more than just a name. It defines who we are.

How is the name pronounced?

The name is pronounced just as it reads: Uh. Toe. Vuh.

Why Atova?

Brand value. When Google’s founders were deciding what to name the company imagine if they had chosen a name such as “Search Engine Technologies, Inc”. That certainly would have been the easy and comfortable approach.

Now imagine the strange looks the founders must have received when they told their peers they were naming their company “Google”. Now, however, the Google name is synonymous with internet search. This is the power of a strong brand name.

Atova has a strong brand name. And consumers know that Atova means real estate.

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