Improve long term lead to client conversion ratios.

The real estate sales cycle is often long term. It may be months or even years before a qualified lead becomes a client. Therefore, passive monthly contact is an important part of keeping yourself visible to the leads in your pipeline.

Unfortunately, agents often find themselves too busy to send monthly mailings. After all, requesting design work, ordering printing, exporting your database and printing labels all takes time. Atova solves this problem by automating the process.

As an example of Atova CRMís automated contact systems, each month Atova agents automatically receive professionally printed, two sided, glossy postcards featuring one of the agentís listings or, at the agentís election, the featured brokerage listing of the month. All postcards are customized with the agentís photo, phone number and email address. In addition to the postcards, agents also automatically receive pre-printed mailing labels for every contact in Atova CRM that the agent has flagged to receive automated monthly mailings.

Atova pays for the monthly design of the postcard and the printing cost for the first 250 postcards. Agents can increase their postcard order at a cost of $10 for 500, $30 for 1,000, $90 for 2,500 or $160 for 5,000. The agent is responsible for postage. The current USPS post card mailing rate is $0.28.

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