How does floortime work at Atova?

Floortime shifts are highly desired at Atova due to the volume of leads that we generate. The agent on floortime is entitled to all agent leads that are generated during their shift. This includes phone call leads, text leads, chat leads and internet leads.

Atova’s floortime calendar is managed in the Floortime section of Atova Central where signing-up for a shift is as easy as clicking “take this shift”.

Each month’s floortime calendar is released on the 21st of the previous month. To provide for a equitable distribution of floortime shifts, the ability to sign up for shifts is done on a staged basis. In the initial period agents can sign up for four shifts. In the second period agents can sign up for four additional shifts. In the third period agents can sign up for an unlimited number of shifts.

This automated system ensures that agents receive an equal opportunity to register for their desired shifts.

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