A wealth of information, materials and tools.

The Atova Resources section of Atova Central provides agents with easy access to an extensive, centralized repository of information, materials and tools.

There are more than fifty resources in all. Here are two examples:

The Atova Store
Having to coordinate with many different vendors takes time away from more productive business activities. The Atova Store solves this problem. Through the Atova Stove you can order signs, flyer boxes, lockboxes, post installation, professional photography, virtual tours, transaction management services and more. The Atova Store is a not-for-profit service supplied by the brokerage. We pass through the supplying vendorís actual costs. Purchases are made via an online shopping cart with credit card checkout.

Common Contract Language
Certain transaction circumstances occur time and again. Seller paid buyer closing costs, due diligence periods, contractually securing a back-up position, non-refundable earnest money, lease purchases, etc. Atova provides pre-written, common contract language that you can copy and paste into your contracts so that you can spend less time writing and more time selling.

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