Proper lead development in less time.

Atova CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is Atovaís proprietary lead development system.

Most CRM solutions including Top Producer, Constant Contact, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and others are designed to be ďall things to all peopleĒ. This results in the software being complicated and difficult to use. And the one, constant truth in real estate is that if itís hard to use, you probably won't use it.

This leaves other, simpler solutions such as Outlook and Act. Unfortunately these systems fail to offer the important, lead development functions of a true CRM system.

Atova CRM solves these problems by being feature rich and extremely powerful while also being easy to understand and use.

All features are managed through a simple and intuitive web based interface which is accessible to Atova agents from any internet connected computer. Features include Automated Workflows which automatically schedule lead development activities, development resources including templates and supporting materials for all lead development activities, automated periodic contact systems, single click processing and much more.

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