More buyer leads. More sold listings. is Atova’s smartphone specific website.

Many home buyers prefer to “drive around” before beginning to look at homes seriously. These buyers are often reluctant to call on a listing because they are “just looking” and don’t want to establish contact with a homeowner or agent who may give them “the dreaded sales pitch”.

To capture these types of buyers all Atova for sale signs invite home buyers to obtain “instant property information” by visiting on their smartphone.

Once on the home buyer can search for the property by the street name or even just the house number. After all, when you’re meandering through a neighborhood you don’t always pay attention to the name of every street you turn on.

Once the property is located, the home buyer is shown photos of the property, is provided with a description of the property and is invited to text or call for more information.

While some home buyers won't make a call, they may very well text. And when they do, the lead is captured.

This stepping stone approach helps Atova agents secure more buyer leads, secure more showings for their listings, and get more of their listings sold.

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