What future plans does Atova have for the internet?

Atova owns a broad portfolio of domain names acquired at a significant expense on the secondary market. Our past and ongoing investment in internet marketing reflects a focused and disciplined approach to growing our already substantial internet dominance in the southwest Boise market.

The four web properties that Atova will be developing next are:

BoiseIdaho.com - target release 3rd quarter 2010
MeridianRealEstate.com - target release 1st quarter 2011
EagleIdaho.com - target release 3rd quarter 2011
MeridianIdaho.com - target release 1st quarter 2012

MeridianRealEstate.com will be a real estate specific website targeting Meridian, Idaho. However, BoiseIdaho.com, MeridianIdaho.com, and EagleIdaho.com will feature content that appeals to a broader, non real estate specific, market. This will secure a wider range of traffic providing Atova agents with enhanced lead opportunities and expanded listing exposure.

Fun Fact - May 2010

Atova has commissioned the talented Ward Hooper to design the BoiseIdaho.com logo. Ward Hooper is well known for his unique style of quality artwork depicting activities and places in an attractive and distinctive fashion.

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