How much website traffic does Atova generate?

Our website traffic is phenomenal.

While our specific website traffic figures are given only to our agents and our clients, we can share that our websites generate many hundreds of thousands of page views every month.

How is this possible? Consider the massive volume of searches for Boise related search terms each month. The chart to the left, courtesy of Google’s keyword tool, illustrates the number of monthly searches for a few prime example keyword searches. When you add the remaining keyword possibilities and the traffic from Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, the total market volume of targeted monthly search for Boise is in the millions.

This search volume and Atova’s strong search engine rankings combine to provide us with truly exceptional website traffic.

And, unlike the national franchises, our website traffic is highly targeted to the local market. This provides Atova agents with strong visitor to lead conversion ratios and greater value in the marketing of their listings.

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