What is Atovaís starting commission split?

Atova offers a competitive 70/30 commission split.

What is Atovaís company dollar?

Atova's annual company dollar is:
$18,500 for shared space or home office agents.
$21,500 for a dedicated desk in a shared office.
$24,500 for a dedicated, private office.

Does Atova offer any starting splits that are better than 70/30?

Yes. Any agent that reached company dollar in the previous year with Atova or with their previous brokerage will enjoy the benefit of a 80/20 split in the current year. The company dollar amount remains the same.

Once I reach company dollar am I at 100%?

Yes. However, once you reach company dollar there is a $250 per transaction fee. This enables the brokerage to offset the ongoing operational costs of high producing agents. There are no transaction fees until you reach company dollar.

If I donít reach my company dollar will Atova require me to pay the difference?

No. Atova does not require or ask its agents to pay the difference if company dollar is not reached.

I have already contributed towards company dollar with my current brokerage. Should I wait until the end of the year to move to Atova?

No. We will credit 100% of the company dollar you have paid at your current brokerage this year towards this yearís company dollar with Atova.

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